RAW File

The RAW file format has been for many years the primary data format of the ISIS facility.


The Raw file is a binary formatted file that uses a simple but effective compression system to achieve 4-1 compression of the data in holds.


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Alternate Data Streams

When the Raw file is archived to the NTFS archive additional information about it is added as an Alternate Data Stream. This includes a list of all of the files that were archived with this RAW file and a checksum for each. This can provide a fast way of finding the log files associated with a RAW file in a crowded directory.

For example:

d28cb560cdefc765fc8d550b6f335006 *SANS2D00000799.log
52526cd14652284c2748e905ff74fc4b *SANS2D00000799.nxs
7d3b5776c32b63aa76b9e36d2e7ec348 *SANS2D00000799.raw
de230169cda344118d26315dd31c0fb4 *SANS2D00000799.s001
cbd0685b6ce19781fca13ba4395318d9 *SANS2D00000799.s01
f9b9aa805179598207d6bf713eacd5a7 *SANS2D00000799_Beam_Shutter.txt
d10238be18d69d21f8890f73805795bb *SANS2D00000799_Changer.txt
acc92b1223bb93ad85e03b523639142a *SANS2D00000799_Fast_Shutter.txt
671d77b4d2d9a1deee3e6dc9c3db9875 *SANS2D00000799_Height.txt
2eb44a65f79f73e194cdcd48d38385b4 *SANS2D00000799_ICPdebug.txt
0268e471a0ae4c0382ffb81622e03dde *SANS2D00000799_ICPevent.txt
3cda6c3f179c6f70fea82e9ad9e75360 *SANS2D00000799_ICPstatus.txt
19ea5cbe0e57b01db61b01ba24f70bc5 *SANS2D00000799_Julabo.txt
2e6bb0fe5965527d1cb319fff0df928d *SANS2D00000799_Moderator_Temp.txt
604946b7385f8d08ff9c9eb47b0803c2 *SANS2D00000799_Sample.txt
cf5022506705b6ba5c850edd824088be *SANS2D00000799_Status.txt
54e4a8e82fe00cd5e9263bb14506682f *SANS2D00000799_Table.txt

In the links below you will streams or DIR on Vista can list the streams on a file. Not many programs can display the contents of an alternate data stream, but so far I have discovered that the following work, at least for RAW files.

notepad2.exe SANS2D00000799.raw:checksum
more < SANS2D00000799.raw:checksum

If a file with an alternate data stream is copied to an FAT file system the alternate data stream is lost. It has been reported that if a file with an ADS is copied using SAMBA to a unix file system the streams are extracted into separate files with automatically generates suffixes.

More information about Alternate Data Streams

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