After Tube CalibrationΒΆ

After calibration, there is an option is to save the workspace to a Nexus file. This saved file will include the calibration (in fact any modification done to the instrument). Reloading this file in Mantid will recreate the workspace which was saved.

Within a Mantid session, you can copy the calibration to another workspace using the same instrument by means of the CopyInstrumentParameters algorithm. To do so execute CopyInstrumentParameters with the following input: select the workspace, which you have calibrated as the InputWorkspace and the workspace you want to copy the calibration to, as the OutputWorkspace.

Also, specific to the ISIS facility, the algorithm ModifyDetectorDotDatFile can take an ISIS .dat file and create a new version of that .dat file with the calibration of the workspace put into it.

Category: Calibration