Time of Flight Converter


Converts the units of single value which can be either entered by the user or by using a workspace with a single value in it. ToF converter takes multiple inputs depending on the units you wish to convert between.


ToF Converter will take an Input value i.e the value you wish to convert. If you wish to convert to/from Momentum Transfer or d-spacing to/from another unit, then a Scattering angle \(\theta\) will need to be specified. If you wish to convert Time of Flight then you will need to specify a Total Flight path in meters.


The output of the program will be the converted value produced by the input values specified.

Available Conversion Units

Some of the units available are those registered with see: Units. The units that are not specified in Units but are used in ToFConverter are:

Nu (\(\nu\)): \(\frac{h}{m_{N}\lambda^2}\)

Velocity: \(\frac{h}{m_{N}\lambda}\) and

Temperature: \(\frac{m_{N} v_{p}^2}{2k_{b}}\).

Category: Interfaces