Displaying And Navigating

Opening the Instrument View

To see the Instrument View

  1. Load a data set, such as MUSR00015189

  2. As this is a WorkspaceGroup, reveal the contained workspaces by clicking on the small triangle

  3. Right-click on the workspace named MUSR0001589_1 in the Workspaces Toolbox and select “Show Instrument”

Different projections

There are two ways to display the instrument geometry: the Full 3D view and an “unwrapped” view. An “unwrapped” view shows a projection of the instrument onto a surface (a cylinder or a sphere) unfolded onto the screen. Use this drop-down menu to select the type of the projection


Here is an example of how an instrument may look in different views:



Some aspects of the instrument appearance in the view can be set from the Display Settings drop-down menu.


Zooming in 2D

In an unwrapped view (such as cylindrical) to zoom in select an area by left-clicking and dragging.

Right click to zoom out.