LoadILLIndirect v1


LoadILLIndirect dialog.


LoadILLIndirect is deprecated (on 01.04.2017). Use LoadILLIndirect version 2 instead.


Loads a ILL/IN16B nexus file.


Name Direction Type Default Description
Filename Input string Mandatory File path of the Data file to load. Allowed extensions: [‘.nxs’]
OutputWorkspace Output MatrixWorkspace Mandatory The name to use for the output workspace


Loads an ILL Back Scattering NeXus file into a Workspace2D with the given name.

The Units axis is defined with empty units. The main purpose of this loader is to be used with the Indirect Load interface.

To date this algorithm only supports: IN16B


Example - Load ILL IN16B NeXus file:

# Load ILL IN16B data file into a workspace 2D.
ws = Load('ILLIN16B_034745.nxs')

print "This workspace has", ws.getNumDims(), "dimensions and has", ws.getNumberHistograms(), "histograms."


This workspace has 2 dimensions and has 2057 histograms.

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