Direct Inelastic Changes

Bug Fixes

  • SofQWNormalisedPolygon has been fixed to normalize the data correctly. Previous versions contained a bug when removing the bin-width normalization that may have already been present on the input data


  • New CNCS formula to calculate T0 accounts for different phasing of the choppers since August 2015
  • The documentation for all calibration approaches, including PSD tube calibration has been pulled together here.
  • Many improvements have been made to the VATES command line interface, these are detailed in the Framework section of the release notes.

Crystal Field

  • A fitting function was added (CrystalFieldSpectrum) that fits crystal field parameters to a spectrum. It is based on fortran program FOCUS which was translated into C++.

Phonon DOS

The old PySlice routine to compute the phonon DOS from powder data using the incoherent approximation has been ported and is now a Mantid Python Algorithm ComputeIncoherentDOS.

Full list of changes on GitHub