Reflectometry Changes

Instrument & IDF

  • New CRISP filename format, full name + 8 digits, is now recognised
  • POLREF IDF has been updated
  • OFFSPEC IDF has been updated


  • The rebinning in wavelength has been removed


  • The scaling step has now been added to the Workflow diagram of ReflectometryReductionOneAuto #16671


  • A workflow diagram has been added to the documentation.
  • The rebinning in wavelength has been removed

ISIS Reflectometry (Polref)

  • Interface now displays information in a tree where groups are parent items and runs are children. For more details, please check the updated documentation.
  • Global settings have been moved to a separate tab (“Settings”)
  • Transfer progress bar no longer gives impression of running when clicked if no runs are selected
  • Updated instrument definition files.
  • Files are now loaded into the interface using LoadISISNexus

Full list of changes on github