DirectILLApplySelfShielding v1


DirectILLApplySelfShielding dialog.


Applies empty container subtraction and self-shielding corrections.


Name Direction Type Default Description
InputWorkspace Input MatrixWorkspace Mandatory A workspace to which to apply the corrections.
OutputWorkspace Output Workspace Mandatory The corrected workspace.
Cleanup Input string Cleanup ON What to do with intermediate workspaces. Allowed values: [‘Cleanup ON’, ‘Cleanup OFF’]
SubalgorithmLogging Input string Logging OFF Enable or disable subalgorithms to print in the logs. Allowed values: [‘Logging OFF’, ‘Logging ON’]
EmptyContainerWorkspace Input MatrixWorkspace   An empty container workspace for subtraction from the input workspace.
EmptyContainerScaling Input number 1 A multiplier (transmission, if no self shielding is applied) for the empty container.
SelfShieldingCorrectionWorkspace Input MatrixWorkspace   A workspace containing the self shielding correction factors.


This algorithm subtracts empty container data and applies self-shielding corrections to InputWorkspace. Both operations are optional: what is actually done depends on the input properties.

This algorithm is part of ILL’s direct geometry data reduction algorithms.

SelfShieldingCorrectionWorkspace can be obtained from the DirectILLSelfShielding algorithm.


For usage of this algorithm, check the examples here.

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