A power law may be used to describe:

\[y = ax^b + c\]

where: - a - magnitude - b - exponent - c - is a constant


An example of when this might be used is for spin relaxation modelling [1].

Properties (fitting parameters)

Name Default Description
Magnitude 1.0 coefficient for linear term
Exponent 1.0 exponent
Constant 0.0 coefficient for constant term


[1] D.E. MacLaughhlin, L.C. Gupta, D.W. Cooke, R.H. Heffner, M.Leon & M.E.Schillaci (1983). Evidence for Power-Law Spin-Correlation Decay from Muon Spin Relaxation in Ag Mn Spin-Glass. Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol 51 Issue 10, 927-930 doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.51.927.

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C++ header: PowerLaw.h

C++ source: PowerLaw.cpp