Inelastic Data Analysis


The Inelastic Data Analysis interface is a collection of tools within Mantid for analysing reduced data from indirect geometry spectrometers, such as IRIS and OSIRIS and data from direct geometry spectrometer LET.

The majority of the functions used within this interface can be used with both reduced files (_red.nxs) and workspaces (_red) created using the Indirect Data Reduction interface or using \(S(Q, \omega)\) files (_sqw.nxs) and workspaces (_sqw) created using either the Indirect Data Reduction interface or taken from a bespoke algorithm or auto reduction.

Four of the available tabs are QENS fitting interfaces and share common features and layout. These tabs are documented in QENS Fitting.

The other two tabs in the interface perform transformations on data and are documented in Elwin and I(Q,t).

These interfaces do not support GroupWorkspaces as input.


Action Buttons

There are several buttons on the bottom left of every tab in the interface. These are:

Opens the Settings GUI which allows you to customize the settings for the Indirect interfaces.
Opens this help page.
Exports a Python script which will replicate the processing done by the current tab.
Manage Directories
Opens the Manage Directories dialog allowing you to change your search directories and default save directory and enable/disable data archive search.

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