Diagnostic tabΒΆ


The diagnostic tab allows quick integrations to be done on a workspace.

User File The currently loaded user file, this is loaded on the runs tab
Run The run number of file name to be considered the instrument is taken from the run tab
Detector The detector to be considered
Period The period to be considered if applicable if left blank will do all periods
Integration buttons These three buttons start an integration on the selected workspace. The horizontal integral sums up each row, the vertical integral each column and the time integral sums across time bins.
Range The range over which to do the integration. If integrating columns this is a range of rows, if summing rows a range of columns and if summing bins a range of spectra. Dashes signify a range so 1-5 for instance will integrate between rows 1 and 5 Commas signify different ranges so for example 1-5, 10-20 will intrgrate over both ranges and plot two lines Colons signify a list to integrate individually for example 5:7 is the same as typing 5,6,7 and will produce three curves.
Mask If ticked the masks specified in the userfile will be applied before integrating