The Mantid Framework has been created to visualise, manipulate and analyse neutron and muon scattering data. Mantid can be used though several Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) and programming languages, including:

  • MantidWorkbench, A modern general-purpose interface supporting a wide range of techniques and visualisation approaches.

  • Autoreduction services at specific facilities, including ISIS and the SNS.

  • API’s for Python and C++.


A preying mantis with arms upraised

This is the documentation for Mantid 6.9.20240619.1320.

Getting Started:
  • Mantid Basic Course, takes you through installing and basic use of Mantid through MantidWorkbench, including loading, visualising and fitting data.

  • Training, links to further self paced courses and learning resources.

  • Mantid Matplotlib Plot Gallery and Examples, details of how to make pretty plots and manipulate them via Python.

  • Muon Training, focuses on the reduction and analysis of muon data collected from any of the ISIS Muon spectrometers via a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Reference Documentation:
  • Algorithms, specific details for all of our algorithms including descriptions of all inputs and parameters .

  • Workbench provides details on the new graphical user interface with matplotlib-based plotting.

  • Concepts, deeper background information on the fundamental concepts within Mantid.

  • Interfaces, descriptions of the bespoke technique interfaces available.

  • Fitting Overview, details of all the supported fitting functions and minimization approaches.

  • Techniques, with further information relevant to some of the specific scientific techniques.

  • API’s for Python and C++.

  • Release Notes, a catalog of all of the release notes since v3.5.2.

Other Help and Documentation:
  • A forum, to ask for help, report issues, and discuss with other Mantid users.

  • A built in error-reporter. We really encourage you to use this, as it helps us to make Mantid more stable in future.

  • Developer Documentation