This is a Python binding to the C++ class Mantid::API::Sample.

class mantid.api.Sample
clearCrystalStructure((Sample)self) None :

Removes the internally stored crystal structure.

clearOrientedLattice((Sample)self) None :

Clears any attached lattice information

getCrystalStructure((Sample)self) CrystalStructure :

Get the crystal structure for this sample

getEnvironment((Sample)self) SampleEnvironment :

Returns the sample environment

getGeometryFlag((Sample)self) int :

Return the geometry flag.

getHeight((Sample)self) float :

Return the height in mm

getMaterial((Sample)self) Material :

The material the sample is composed of

getName((Sample)self) str :

Returns the string name of the sample

getOrientedLattice((Sample)self) OrientedLattice :

Get the oriented lattice for this sample

getShape((Sample)self) IObject :

Returns a shape of a Sample object.

getThickness((Sample)self) float :

Return the thickness in mm

getWidth((Sample)self) float :

Return the width in mm

hasCrystalStructure((Sample)self) bool :

Returns True if this sample has a crystal structure, false otherwise

hasEnvironment((Sample)self) bool :

Returns True if the sample has an environment defined

hasOrientedLattice((Sample)self) bool :

Returns True if this sample has an oriented lattice, false otherwise

hasShape((Sample)self) bool :

Returns True if the sample has a shape defined

setCrystalStructure((Sample)self, (CrystalStructure)newCrystalStructure) None :

Assign a crystal structure object to the sample.

setEnvironment((Sample)self, (SampleEnvironment)env) None :

Set the sample environment

setGeometryFlag((Sample)self, (int)geom_id) None :

Set the geometry flag.

setHeight((Sample)self, (float)height) None :

Set the height in mm.

setShape((Sample)arg1, (IObject)self) None :

Set shape of Sample object.

setThickness((Sample)self, (float)thick) None :

Set the thickness in mm.

setWidth((Sample)self, (float)width) None :

Set the width in mm.

size((Sample)self) int :

Return the number of samples contained within this sample