This is a Python binding to the C++ class Mantid::Kernel::FacilityInfo.

class mantid.kernel.FacilityInfo
archiveSearch((FacilityInfo)self) std_vector_str :

Return the archive search interface names

delimiter((FacilityInfo)self) str :

Returns the delimiter between the instrument name and the run number.

extensions((FacilityInfo)self) std_vector_str :

Returns the list of file extensions that are considered as instrument data files.

instrument((FacilityInfo)self, (str)instrumentName) InstrumentInfo :

Returns the instrument with the given name

instruments((FacilityInfo)self) std_vector_InstrumentInfo :

Returns a list of instruments of this facility as defined in the Facilities.xml file

instruments( (FacilityInfo)self, (str)technique) -> std_vector_InstrumentInfo :

Returns a list of instruments of given technique

name((FacilityInfo)self) str :

Returns name of the facility as definined in the Facilities.xml file

preferredExtension((FacilityInfo)self) str :

Returns the extension that is preferred for this facility

timezone((FacilityInfo)self) str :

Returns the timezone appropriate for the facility. If there is not a timezone specified this returns an empty string.

zeroPadding((FacilityInfo)self) int :

Returns default zero padding for this facility