mantid.simpleapi — Simple functions calls for mantid algorithms

This module defines a function-style API for running Mantid algorithms. Each algorithm within Mantid is mapped to a Python function of the same name with the parameters of the algorithm becoming arguments to the function.

For example:

The Rebin algorithm is mapped to this Python function:

Rebin(InputWorkspace, OutputWorkspace, Params, PreserveEvents=None, Version=1)

It returns the output workspace and this workspace has the same name as the variable it is assigned to, i.e.

rebinned = Rebin(input, Params = ‘0.1,0.05,10’)

would call Rebin with the given parameters and create a workspace called ‘rebinned’ and assign it to the rebinned variable.

Importing this module starts the FrameworkManager instance.

See the full list of algorithms for information on what is available.