Working with Workspaces in Python

Accessing Workspaces

In mantid.simpleapi, you can access existing workspaces as a dictionary using the mtd["worskpace_name"] command for a specific workspace name key. More explanation can be found in Accessing Workspaces From Python.

# This creates a workspace without explicitly capturing the output

# You can get a python variable pointing to the workspace with the command
myWS = mtd["my_new_workspace"]
print("The variable myWS now points to the workspace called " + str(myWS))

# You can assign a python variable when calling an algorithm and the workspace will match the variable name
myOtherWS = CreateSampleWorkspace()
print("myOtherWS now points to the workspace called " + str(myOtherWS))


The variable myWS now points to the workspace called my_new_workspace
myOtherWS now points to the workspace called myOtherWS

Workspace Properties

You can look at the Workspace API reference for a full list of properties, but here are some of the key ones.

myWS = CreateSampleWorkspace()
print("name = " + myWS.name())

myWS.setTitle("This is my Title")
print("getTitle = " + myWS.getTitle())

myWS.setComment("This is my comment")
print("comment = " + myWS.getComment())

print("id = " + myWS.id())

print("getMemorySize = " + str(myWS.getMemorySize()))


name = myWS
getTitle = This is my Title
comment = This is my comment
id = Workspace2D
getMemorySize = ...

Workspace History

Workspaces keep a track of all of the algorithms used on them, so you can ask a workspace to tell you about it’s history. The algorithm GeneratePythonScript uses this information to create a python script able to re-run the workspace history.

# Run a few algorithms
myWS = CreateSampleWorkspace()
myWS = ConvertUnits(myWS,Target="Wavelength")
myWS = Rebin(myWS,Params=200)

# You can access the history using getHistory()
history = myWS.getHistory()
for algHistory in history.getAlgorithmHistories():
    for property in algHistory.getProperties():
        if not property.isDefault():
            print("\t" + property.name() + " = " + property.value())


    OutputWorkspace = myWS
    InputWorkspace = myWS
    OutputWorkspace = myWS
    Target = Wavelength
    InputWorkspace = myWS
    OutputWorkspace = myWS
    Params = 200

The full documentation for workspace history can be found at the WorkspaceHistory api.

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