Muon Feature Flags


Muon Feature Flags provide advanced users with access to additional features such as raw plots and the model fitting tab.

How to set up

To access feature flags you need to make changes to your Mantd.user.properties file. To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the location of the Mantid.user.properties file

    1. For Windows users - Open the file explorer and navigate to the MantidInstall\bin folder

    2. For Mac or Linux users - go to ~/.mantid/Mantid.user.properties

  2. Open the Mantid.user.properties file.

  3. At the bottom of the file add the line muon.GUI=<options>. See section on Options below for more details.

  4. Save the file.

  5. Open Mantid - You should now have access to the features you chose in step 4.

If this does not work see the Warning notice below for common ways this can fail.


The options are a comma separated list of feature:setting where the feature and settings are defined below:



What it does



Adds the model fitting tab



Adds the model fitting tab and the model data plot pane



Adds the raw plot pane



Adds the Fit Script Generator

The setting is always a number and, setting it to any other value than those above will results in the feature not being added.

One example of how to use this - if you want to have the model fitting tab and plotting pane in addition to the raw plots you would need to add the following line to Mantid.user.properties file:

muon.GUI = model_analysis:2, raw_plots:1


Setting any of the following for the first time may remove the muon.GUI=<options> line from the properties file.

  • Default facility

  • Default instrument

  • Manage user directories

To avoid this :

  • Open Mantid and set the default settings (i.e. the list above)

  • Close Mantid

  • Edit the Mantid.user.properties file

Updating the facility, instrument or user directories will not remove the muon.GUI=<options> line. It only seems to occur when setting these options for the first time.

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