Reflectometry Changes

  • Geometry for INTER has a small correction for the value of one of the attributes that was being interpreted as zero.



  • ReflectometryReductionOneAuto v2 - fixed a bug where processing instructions were not applied correctly to the specified transmission run.

  • ReflectometryReductionOne v2 and ReflectometryReductionOneAuto v2 have a new property, SummationType, which specifies whether summation should be done in wavelength (default) or in Q. For summation in Q, there is an additional new property, ReductionType, which should be used to specify whether the reduction is for a divergent beam or non-flat sample.

Reflectometry Reduction Interface

ISIS Reflectometry

  • Interface ISIS Reflectometry (Polref) has been renamed to ISIS Reflectometry.

  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly allowed table workspaces to appear in the list of workspaces in the Save ASCII tab.

  • Fixed a bug where the contents of the processing table where not saved to the selected table workspace.

  • Added two new buttons Expand Groups and Collapse Groups which expand and collapse all groups in the table respectively.

  • Fixed a bug when removing rows from the processing table.

  • Fixed a bug where if either Instrument and/or Experiments was disabled, their respective entries would still be applied in the reduction.

  • Fixed shortcuts:

    • Ctrl+C copies the selected row(s) to the clipboard.

    • Ctrl+V pastes the contents of the clipboard into the selected row(s). If no rows are selected, new ones are added at the end.

    • Ctrl+X copies the selected row(s) to the clipboard and deletes them.

  • A brief description about the columns in the table can be now accessed by using the What’s this tool (last tool in the toolbar) and clicking on the column headers.

  • Added three more time slicing options in the ‘Event Handling’ tab for analysing event data - Uniform Even, Uniform and Log Value slicing.

  • For custom slicing (and new slicing options), workspace slices are now identified by an index (e.g. ws_slice_0) instead of a start/stop value.

  • The ‘Get Defaults` button for ‘Experiment Settings’ in the ‘Settings’ tab now populates StartOverlap and EndOverlap text boxes with values from the IDF.

ISIS Reflectometry (Old)

  • Interface ISIS Reflectometry has been renamed to ISIS Reflectometry (Old).

  • Fixed a bug where the stitched output was not scaled correctly.

Full list of changes on github