SANS Changes


  • CropToComponent allows for cropping a workspace to a list of component names.

  • Detect missing Bench_Rot for LARMOR and provide meaningful error message.

  • Enable the CanSAS1D algorithms to handle geometry information.

  • Add sort option to CropToComponent.

  • Provide warning when users try to use a 2D reduction together with a merged reduction selection.

  • Processing of LOQ M4 in the SANS reduction was added.

  • UnwrapMonitorsInTOF handles the data, which was collected beyond the end of a frame.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for beam center finder.

  • Fixed loading of multiperiod event files.

  • Fixed period selection when loading multiperiod files.

  • Fixed process note for SaveCanSAS1D.

  • Fixed output names for batch processing.

  • Fixed the loading of RKH files.

  • Fixed wrong initial position of LARMOR data in the beam centre finder.

  • Allow loading of CanSAS data without error data.

  • Fixed saving CanSAS with transmission data from the ISIS SANS GUI.

Full list of changes on github