MantidWorkbench Changes


  • Linux desktops now have an icon to launch the workbench without using the terminal.

User interface

  • All icons have been replaced with icons from Material Design: https://material.io/tools/icons.

  • You can now double-click the numbers on a figure axis to adjust the axis’ scale.

  • Mantid’s offline help is now available in Workbench.

  • You can now save, load and delete custom layouts from the settings menu with quick access to user layout in the view menu.

  • Typing an algorithm name in the algorithms search box now searches all algorithms including those in hidden categories.



  • We have merged much of the functionality of the Spectrum Viewer and Slice Viewer from Mantidplot into a single useful tool.

  • It works much like the previous SliceViewer tool, plotting any MatrixWorkspace or MDWorkspaces, and allowing the 2 axes for plotting to be selected, while presenting a slider for additional dimensions.

  • The side plot toolbar button (that looks like a curve plot) adds line plot vertically and horizontally that will dynamically update as you move your mouse cursor across the plot.

  • Support for some of the more advanced features of the old sliceViewer such as non-orthogonal axes, extracting slices to other workspaces and displying peaks will be included in future releases.

Scientific Interfaces

  • Many of the interfaces that were missing from Workbench v4.0 have now been integrated into this release, including:

    • ISIS Reflectometry

    • Muon:

      • ALC

      • Elemental Analysis

      • Frequency Domain Analysis

      • Muon Analysis 2

    • Indirect:

      • Corrections

      • Data Reduction

      • Diffraction

      • Settings

      • Simulations

      • Tools



  • The plot options dialog has been improved to offer you more control over your figures.

  • You can now plot workspaces on top of figures you’ve created using scripts. Simply create a matplotlib figure in the script window, then drag and drop a workspace on top of it.

  • A colorfill plot of a workspace with logarithmic bins is plotted on a log scale.

  • You can now toggle the normalization of plots in Workbench from the plot’s context menu.

  • Double-clicking a workspace now opens a prompt to plot the workspace, instead of displaying its data.

  • The plot windows now have a Mouse right-click context menu that allows showing/hiding error bars for each plotted line.


  • Single line commenting in the script editor is now enabled without needing to highlight any text.

  • You can now import from local python files that are in the same directory as the script you’re executing.


  • An error raised when double-clicking an arrow in the algorithm toolbox. when no algorithm was selected has been fixed.

  • Help documentation for the manage user directories interface now correctly displays when launched from the interface.

  • A Colorfill plot of a workspace with one spectrum plots correctly and no longer raises an error.

  • The units on the y-axis of distribution workspace plots have been corrected.

  • Restore Default Layout no longer resizes the main window.

  • Entering an invalid number into a plot’s axis editor no longer causes an uncaught error

  • Workbench’s scaling of fonts when moved between monitors with different resolutions has been improved

  • The ErrorReporter window is now resizeable

  • The “Fit” button is now visible when plotting a spectrum with error bars

  • Project save handles workspace saving erros more gracefully

Known Issues

  • Fit parameters in the fit browser are not updated when performing a simultaneous fit.

  • The fit and difference curves are not plotted on the associated figure for a simultaneous fit.

Release 4.1.0