Direct Geometry Changes

Direct Geometry

New Algorithms




  • A bug has been fixed in ConvertToMD that sometimes crashes Mantid when files are summed together.

  • Fixed a bug in the Crystal Field Python Interface which prevented the application of IntensityScaling factors.

  • A bug has been fixed in the plot methods for CrystalField and CrystalFieldMultiSite.

  • Peaks are (re)set upon rebuilding the single spectrum function as a multi-spectrum function due to the physical properties. This re-setting peaks is needed to maintain the intended ties.

  • A bug has been fixed in PyChop that caused crashes when no Ei was specified.



  • Enable powder (Bragg) peaks on cut plots.

  • Added tests for script generation functions.

  • Improved clipboard usage for scripts generated in MSlice using a Linux environment.


  • Fixed an issue that caused overplot information on slice plots to get lost after replotting.

  • MSlice GUI now opens to the loading tab instead of the plotting tab.

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when generating a script from a cut plot.

  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes when resizing interactive cut plots.

  • Added better exception handling for attempts to delete a workspace for a second time.

  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes when selecting a Bragg peak when there is no Bragg peak in the data.

Release 6.2.0