SANS Changes

New Features

  • The ILL SANS reduction suite has been refactored, improving performance by two orders of magnitude for kinetic monochromatic measurements. The new algorithm, SANSILLMultiProcess, steers the reduction of the whole experiment, using the new version of SANSILLReduction-v2.

  • CalculateDynamicRange can now accept workspaces where the x-axis unit is not wavelength, provided that the wavelength is present in the sample logs.

  • ParallaxCorrection now accepts optional angle offsets per detector bank, which are subtracted from the scattering angles before evaluating the formulae.

  • ApplyTransmissionCorrection no longer requires that the input workspace contains histogram data in wavelengths.

  • The SANS TOML format has been bumped from V0 to V1. This formally represents forwards compatibility of the .TOML format. All V1 files will continue to be supported in future versions of Mantid without requiring changes. See SANS TOML Files for details.


  • Merged mode now correctly saves can workspaces when “Save Can” is ticked.

  • The ISIS SANS interface will now correctly find .txt, .Txt, .TXT, .toml, .Toml, and .TOML extensions on case-sensitive platforms.

  • The copy, cut and paste functions for rows have been overhauled to fix numerous edge-cases in the ISIS SANS interface. These include: the paste order being reversed, unexpected rows appearing or clearing while pasting, and blank rows appearing randomly.

  • The SANSILLMultiProcess algorithm now properly handles the RuntimeError that occurs when a mask that does not exist is requested, and displays a relevant error message.

  • Fixed a bug handling invalid user files in the table. Previously the error reporter would appear, with a confusing error about a tuple index out of range. Now you get a sensible error message saying the file cannot be found.

  • Fixed a bug in the SANS GUI where subsequent periods after the first for summed, multi-period runs were not saved.

Release 6.4.0