Mantid Workbench Changes


  • Log-scaling has been fixed in waterfall plots.

  • Opening multiple instances of Mantid in quick succession will no longer cause errors in the shared settings.

  • A large number of crashes, caused by opening an Algorithm Dialog and populating it with a WorkspaceGroup, have been fixed.

  • It is no longer possible to crash mantid when opening an interface’s help documentation for the second time.

  • The ISIS logos have been updated to match the UKRI rebrand.

  • Fixed a change in behaviour after upgrading Qt, where floating point numbers in the matrix data view were not displayed unless the column was wide enough to show all digits.



  • The instrument view startup time has been improved by avoid checking for masking if it is not present.

  • Fix crash when overlaying peaks in side-by-side view of instrument viewer which is not supported.



  • Fix for the colorbar bug where using log scale causes slice viewer to throw exception with all masked slice.

  • The colorbar now remains autoscaled when switching between the different normalisation options.

  • SliceViewer will now support W_MATRIX log for nonorthogonal axes with MDHistoWorkspaces. This prevents a bug related where basis vectors are used to calculate the projection.

  • Fixes a bug in the SliceViewer where a workspace is replaced by an algorithm with more than one output workspace.

  • For 3d+ datasets, SliceViewer will now automatically open to the zero-slice if present.

  • Ensure that all nan/inf and zero slices work while using log-scaling.

  • Fix a bug where the axes limits of 1D cut viewer plot were not autoscaling on cut update after the user had zoomed or panned.

  • Added a check on toggling non-orthogonal view off that ensures the non-axis cutting tool is not enabled if the workspace does not support non-axis cuts (e.g. is 4D).

Release 6.5.0