Exercise 5 SolutionsΒΆ

The aim of this exercise is to implement a simple linear fitting function defined as:

\[\LARGE y = A_0 + A_1x\]
from mantid.api import *

class PyLinearFunction(IFunction1D):

    def init(self):
        # Tell Mantid about the 2 parameters
        self.declareParameter("A0", 1.0)
        self.declareParameter("A1", 1.0)

    def function1D(self, xvals):
        # xvals is a 1D numpy array that contains the X values for the defined fitting range.
        a0 = self.getParameterValue("A0")
        a1 = self.getParameterValue("A1")

        y = a0 + a1*xvals
        return y

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