Some analysis workflows are too complex, need more user input or need a better way to present the results than a single algorithm interface can provide. For this reason Mantid Workbench has specific interfaces for specific data analysis. Several interfaces have now been developed to handle different aspects of the reduction and analysis workflow for data from various scientific techniques.

An Example - The ISIS SANS Interface

This interface is able to run an appropriate data reduction with multiple user options that can be altered as required. As with all our interfaces, it is able to speed up the process of analysing your data.


A simple walkthrough

  1. Start the interface with the Interfaces > SANS > “ISIS SANS”

  2. On the Run tab, in the top right click Manage Directories and browse to the TrainingCourseData\loqdemo folder, then click OK

  3. Click on the Load User File button. In the new file explorer, instead of filtering for TOML files, change this to Text files. Now browse to the TrainingCourseData\loqdemo folder and open “MaskFile.txt”.

  4. Similarly, Load the batch file called “batch_mode_reduction.csv”

  5. Some pre-set values will have populated the Run table and the Settings tab

  6. Back on the Run tab, notice that the Run table is editable and in the lower-right corner, there are several options for Reducing and Saving data. Leave these as default for now.

  7. In the top-right, click Process All, and notice in the main Mantid window, Workspaces will appear in the Workspaces Toolbox.

  8. Plot the second_time_main_1D_2.2_10.0 Workspace to produce the plot seen below.