Main window menus


In Workbench’s main window, you may notice a few options in the upper left hand corner. From here you can access drop down menus that give access to options to do things such as change settings, save scripts and projects, change the layout and more.

File Menu


From the File menu you have access to standard options such as load (Open) and save for your current project or scripts open in the script window. You can also access the Workbench settings, from which you can choose your facility and instrument. There are also options to manage your user directories or close the Workbench.

The manage user directory dialogue, is useful for allowing search of the archive using the load algorithm and other parts of mantid that rely on the file finder.

View Menu


From this menu, it is possible to access the various options to change what does and doesn’t appear on Workbench. It is also possible to restore default positions of all parts of the workbench GUI back to their defaults.

Interfaces Menu

From here you can access all of the Interfaces available to Mantid Workbench.