Mantid Workbench Changes


  • Superplot is a new decorator widget for the plot window. It facilitates over-plotting and manipulation of overplotted data. See Superplot documentation for more information.
  • New widget and workbench plugin: The Workspace Calculator , allows users to quickly perform binary operations on selected workspace pairs, optionally with scaling; This will require your widget layout to be reset when starting workbench v6.2.0 for the first time. Previously saved layouts accessible from View > User Layouts may need to be saved again to include the Workspace Calculator widget.


  • Workflow diagrams in help pages are now .svg rather than .png.
  • When fitting a plot, selecting the peak type will only update the default peak shape in the settings if the Set as global default checkbox is ticked.
  • Plot legends can be shown or hidden from the plot context menu.
  • The plot config dialog notifies the user when there has been an error applying the config to the plot, and allows them to change the config further.
  • When fitting a plot, selecting the peak type will only update the default peak shape in the settings if the “Set as global default” checkbox is ticked.
  • The list of eligible workspaces in the WorkspaceSelector can now be sorted by name.
  • Script editor code completion support for Numpy 1.21.
  • The visibility of a component parameter in the Pick tab of the Instrument Viewer Widget is now steered by the ‘visible’ attribute of a parameter in IPF.
  • ADS signal handlers are now synchronized in WorkspaceSelector. This reduces the probability of hard crash when interacting with the widget while a script manipulating a large number of workspaces is being run.


  • Grid checkbox in Edit axis dialog, and Grids on/off toolbar button will now have the correct checked state when running a plot script with major grid lines.
  • Fixed a bug in colorfill plots which lead to the loss of a spectrum from the resulting image.
  • Fixed a bug where removing the plot guess line in the fit browser could lead to an exception being thrown.
  • Fixed the advanced plotting dialog incorrect layout, which caused the options to be partially occluded.
  • Scroll bars added to about dialog if screen resolution is too low.
  • Fixed missing ‘on top’ windowing behaviour for the matrix and table workspace data displays.
  • Uninstalling from Windows “Apps & features” list will now run the uninstaller as the current Windows user and delete all shortcuts.
  • Added missing icon for the uninstaller in Windows “Apps & features” list.
  • Fixed a bug where parameters wouldn’t update in the fit property browser when fitting a single function with ties.
  • Fixed a bug where the workspace index spinbox in the fit browser wouldn’t update when the user added or removed curves from the figure.
  • Fixed a bug retrieving algorithm history from a workspace when the retrieval methods were chained together.
  • Fixed a bug where output workspaces of different types would interfere with successive calls to binary operations, such as multiply.
  • Fixed JSON serialization issue of MantidAxType by explicitly extracting its value.
  • Fixed a bug where the errorbar tab in the figure options was wrongly enabled while selecting multiple curves.
  • Fixed a bug where marker formatting options were disabled upon opening the figure options.
  • Fixed the help icon not showing on OSX and high-resolution monitors.
  • Tabbing between fields in the error reporter now works as expected, rather than jumping to a random place each time.
  • Fixed a bug in the Instrument Viewer Widget causing the projection to not be updated when different axis views were selected in Full 3D.



  • Peaks can now be added or removed from a PeaksWorkspace using the PeaksWorkspace overlay.
  • Added tooltips to all the widgets. Please contact the developers if any are missing.
  • Added a help button.
  • There is now a more visible divider between the main data view and the peaks table view.
  • Users can load a customized colormap from the colorbar directory upon starting.


  • No longer normalises basis vectors for HKL data such that Bragg peaks appear at integer HKL for cuts along e.g. HH0.
  • Fixed a bug that when transposing MDE workspaces multiple times it would cause the data to become all zeros.
  • Fixed out of range errors that sometimes occurred whilst hovering over transposed data.
  • Users can toggle between different scales again without any issue.
  • Fix bug where non-orthogonal view was enabled on an orthogonal workspace with no UB.
  • Fixed cursor tracking from getting stuck and displaying incorrect signals when viewing MDHistogram workspaces.
  • Fixed bug in resetting axes limits in non-orthogonal view when a plot is updated.

Release 6.2.0