Direct Inelastic Changes



  • Added the ability to manually specify a temperature for a set of runs in the TOFTOF reduction dialog.


  • PyChop has been updated to calculate rep-rate multiplication for MAPS and MARI. In addition, it now supports loading instrument parameters from a YAML file, and also plots the Q-E coverage.

  • Workspaces used in MSlice are no longer added to the MantidPlot window automatically, and can be added using the Save To MantidPlot button.

  • Improved default limits for 2D plots of large datasets in MSlice.




  • DirectILLDiagnostics:
    • it is now possible to set the thresholds for elastic peak and noisy background diagnostics in the IPFs
      • ILL’s IN6 now sets its own default PeakDiagnosticsLowThreshold

    • a hard mask is applied over the beamstop region of IN5

    • user masked detectors are not included in the report anymore

  • DirectILLReduction:
    • all output workspaces are now converted to distributions, i.e. the histograms are divided by the bin width.

    • The default \(Q\) binning has been revised.



Instrument Definitions

  • The source component of ILL’s IN5 has been moved from \(z = -2\) to \(z = -2.10945\) meters and renamed to frame-overlap_chopper.

  • The source component of ILL’s IN6 has been moved from \(z = -0.395\) to \(z = -0.595\) meters and renamed to suppressor_chopper.

  • ILL’s IN4 and IN6 now validate the wavelengths and chopper speeds in MergeRuns.

  • New CNCS geometry and parameters for 2018B cycle

  • ARCS and CNCS are configured for live data



  • The plotting methods in the directtools python module now support logarithmic scales.

Release 3.13.0