Indirect Inelastic Changes

Release 3.13.0

Data Reduction Interfaces


  • Added ‘Sum Files’ checkbox to ISIS Calibration, to sum a specified range of input files on load.

  • Detector grouping in ISISEnergyTransfer: added custom grouping method to allow specific spectra or ranges, and the ‘groups’ method now includes all spectra including remainder.




Data Analysis Interfaces


The ConvFit interface with the new multiple input section.


  • The MSDFit, IqtFit and ConvFit interfaces now allow selection of discontinuous spectra ranges and masking energy ranges.

  • The JumpFit interface now allows masking of energy ranges.

  • The QENS Fitting interfaces can now be provided multiple data-sets as input – these data-sets can be viewed individually within the interface (plot, fit result, etc.)


  • A number of iterations for the new monte carlo error calculation can be specified in the I(Q,t) interface.


  • The MSDFit algorithm now uses the fully specified model given in the interface; previously MSDFit only used the model specified in the ‘Fit Type’ drop-down menu.

  • Fixed a failure in the wavelength interpolation of MonteCarloAbsorption which occurred under certain input property combinations.

  • The ElasticWindowMultiple algorithm now normalizes the *_elt workspace by the lowest temperature.