Direct Geometry Changes


New Features

  • Added a new algorithm PelicanReduction for the ANSTO PELICAN instrument that reduces time of flight data versus two theta to S(Q,w).

  • Added SNS instruments to PyChop

  • Updated instrument geometry for CHESS

  • Loading of SHARP TOF and single-channel data has been added to LoadILLTOF

  • New function to calculate angles for final momentum and for momentum transfer, in the mantid.utils.dgs library

  • Loading of the omega-scan mode is supported for ILL instruments IN5, PANTHER, and SHARP via LoadILLDiffraction loader


  • MDNorm algorithm can now efficiently process background.


New Features

  • Implemented floating/ontop window behaviour.

  • Added a ‘close all’ command for plots in the command line interface.

  • Added a button for deleting a line in the settings of a 1D plot.

  • Added a wrapper for the commands necessary for adding a workspace via the command line interface.

  • Added feature of raising or bringing forward plot window for plotover in cuts.


  • Fixed bug that overwrote selection of background workspace when subtracting workspaces.

  • Fixed runtime error when trying to delete workspace for the second time.

  • Fix for colorcycle problem for multiple curves on one plot.

  • Fixed a bug that caused hidden lines to be shown when generating a script from a plot.

  • Corrected workspace names in scripts generated from plots.

  • Prevented crashes when converting Intensity from S(Q,E) to GDOS.

  • Fixed bug that caused specifying the fixed final energy for more than one workspace at once to fail.

  • Release active interactive cuts on existing slice plots to enable a new slice plot in order to prevent crash.

  • Fixed bug that caused crashes when displaying or closing an empty plot window.

Release 6.1.0