Framework Changes


Calculated multiple scattering intensity using POLARIS data for a cylindrical Si sample


New Features

  • New algorithm RebinRagged which can rebin a workspace with different binning parameters for each spectrum.

  • New algorithm CalculateMultipleScattering to calculate multiple scattering corrections using a Monte Carlo integration approach that doesn’t rely on assumptions about isotropic scattering or constant ratios between different scattering orders and can run on any sample shape (mesh or CSG). The implementation is based on Fortran code developed by Mike Johnson and Spencer Howells under the names Muscat, MODES and DISCUS. The algorithm only supports elastic instruments so far but support for inelastic instruments will be added at a later date.

  • New algorithm GeneratePythonFitScript allows the creation of a python script for sequential fitting.

  • New algorithm GenerateLogbook, that allows creating TableWorkspace logbooks based on provided directory path with raw data.

  • New algorithm ProfileChiSquared1D to profile chi squared after a fit. This can be used to find better estimates of parameter errors.


  • mantid.kernel.Material has a new attribute totalAtoms to aid in converting atom multiplicity to concentration

  • LoadNexusLogs has additional parameters to allow or block specific logs from being loaded.

  • LoadEventNexus now utilizes the log filter provided by LoadNexusLogs <algm-LoadNexusLogs>.

  • CompareWorkspaces now compares the positions of both source and sample (if extant) when property checkInstrument is set.

  • SetGoniometer can now set multiple goniometers from log values instead of just the time-averaged value.

  • Added the ability to specify the spectrum number in FindPeaksAutomatic.

  • LoadLog will now detect old unsupported log files and will provide a user-friendly error explaining the problem.

  • Stitch1DMany has additional property IndexOfReference to allow user to decide which of the provided workspaces should give reference for scaling

  • SaveAscii can now create a header for the output file containing sample logs specified through the new property LogList.

  • The algorithm PaalmanPingsMonteCarloAbsorption now accepts a negative angle for the SampleAngle parameter of the FlatPlate shape

  • AnvredCorrection now extrapolates to determine the spherical absorption correction factor for very absorbing samples (a warning is printed to the log to inform the user when this occurs).


  • Fix problem with dictionary parameters on SetSample algorithm when running from the algorithm dialog

  • Fix segmentation fault when running MonteCarloAbsorption algorithm on Ubuntu without a material defined on one of the sampleenvironment shapes

  • Fix calculation of region where scattering points are sampled in MonteCarloAbsorption when a shape is defined for the environment but not the sample

  • Fix bug in the ass calculation in PaalmanPingsMonteCarloAbsorption when run on shapes already present on input workspace

Instrument Definition Files

  • The ARGUS IDF has been updated

Data Objects

New Features



  • Exposed geographicalAngles method on mantid.api.SpectrumInfo.

  • BinEdgeAxis now overrides the label in order to return the bin center and not the edge.

  • Run has been modified to allow multiple goniometers to be stored.

  • FileFinder has been modified to improve search times when loading multiple runs on the same instrument.


  • Fix crash on macOS when creating a UnitLabel with non-ascii characters using the single argument constructor

Release 6.1.0