Indirect Geometry Changes

New Features

  • A new algorithm IndirectILLReductionDIFF added for treatment of diffraction detector data from the indirect geometry beamline IN16B at the ILL.

  • Three fitting functions IsoRotDiff, DiffSphere and DiffRotDiscreteCircle have been made available in the fitting browser

  • IsoRotDiff, DiffSphere and DiffRotDiscreteCircle have been added to the function options in Indirect Data Analysis ConvFit.

  • The Abins Algorithm has an additional “setting” option which may be used to select between configurations of a given instrument. (For TOSCA this is a choice of forward/back detector banks, for Lagrange this is a choice between monochromator crystals.)

  • Support has been added to Abins for the ILL-Lagrange instrument. As Lagrange collects inelastically scattered neutrons over a wide solid angle, the spectrum is computed at several angles and averaged. Resolution functions are applied depending on the monochromator setting.


  • In Indirect Data Analysis F(Q) fit the default fitting function remains None when switching to EISF.

  • Added a scroll bar to the Bayes interface tabs and Elwin and I(Q, t) in data analysis for users on small screens.

  • IN16B’s single detectors are now correctly taken into account when computing the energy transfer in IndirectILLEnergyTransfer.

  • Detector tables produced from _red and _sqw workspaces now use Q elastic as the label for its column instead of Q.

Bug Fixes

  • The x range markers on the Symmetrise plot of Data Reduction are no longer restricted in movement.

  • The x range markers on the ISISDiagnostics plot of Data Reduction remain present.

  • Fixed a crash on the Data Analysis interface when attempting to drag the Start and End X sliders on the preview plot.

  • In IsoRotDiff, DiffSphere, and DiffRotDiscreteCircle Aliases have been removed to avoid clashes with interfaces.

  • Stopped error warning thrown when adding EISF data to F(q) fit if Width has already been added.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the spectra list in F(q) fit to be blank when reopening the add workspace dialog.

  • Previous fits in the Indirect Data Analysis fit tabs no longer erased when changing to the full function view.

  • Fit ranges in Indirect Data Analysis can now be negative.

Release 6.1.0