Direct Geometry Changes


New features


  • Fix for bug that caused runtime errors when trying to fix a tied parameter in the two step fitting process.

  • Fix for sortTies to prevent a crash when fitting CrystalField multisite objects with Gaussian peaks.


New features

  • Added ability to correct intensity of cuts.

  • Updated documentation.

  • Updated quick options for lines to consider new colour mapping and line width changes.



  • Fixed bug that caused opening of a second slice plot when changing the intensity while an interactive cut plot is open.

  • Fixed error occurring when closing interactive cut plot.

  • The temperature is now cached for access from derived cuts to prevent MSlice from crashing.

  • Improved logic behind intensity type changes to fix a bug impacting both cut and slice plots.

  • Font size changes are now propagated in scripts generated from plots.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the duplication of suffixes when renaming workspaces.

Release 6.5.0