Framework Changes

New Features

  • GSL has been updated to v2.7.


New features

  • Added Sphere to the preset shapes supplied in SetSample.

  • The algorithm DiscusMultipleScatteringCorrection now simulates scattering in a container (and more generally in any sample environment components) if a user sets up the shapesmaterials in the input workspace prior to running the algorithm. As part of this work the previous requirement that the \(S(Q,\omega)\) profile must have some non-zero values for \(\omega <0\) has been removed.

  • The algorithm FitIncidentSpectrum is now able to return the second derivative of the fitted function in addition to the standard outputs of the fitted function and its first derivative.


  • Fixed bug for ApplyPaalmanPingsCorrection when the input and output workspace names were identical for this algorithm and the child Minus algorithm.

  • SetSample now accepts numeric inputs of type float, int, or string, rather than requiring float.

  • ExtractSpectra now checks if the bins flagged as masked are still there after processing, and if they are not, the masking flag is unchecked for that spectrum.

  • Single valued workspaces can now be saved by SaveNexusProcessed and are properly loaded by LoadNexusProcessed.

  • If an event nexus file is loaded using LoadEventNexus with LoadAllLogs=True, any duplicate log entries no longer give an error. Log entries that are nested lower than two levels down are also properly distinguished.

  • Fix a crash that could happen in LoadEventNexus if there are no pulse times.

  • GenerateLogbook now does not stop the execution when optional headers are not defined in the relevant Instrument Parameter File, but only sends a warning that they are not available.

  • Fixed an issue in Fit where a lack of operator between parameter and value caused a hard crash. The input string is now validated.

  • Fixed bug in documentation of GroupToXResolution where the figures showing the algorithm output were all blank.


See Mantid Workbench Changes.

Release 6.5.0