SANS Changes

New Features

  • Mantid now supports loading D16 old scan data in their new format with the entire scan in one file.

  • Multiple wavelength ranges can now be processed in a single call to WavRangeReduction(wav_start, wav_end, full_trans_wav, name_suffix). This is more efficient than calling the function separately for each range. To do this, pass the start/end values as lists, e.g. for ranges “1-2, 3-4, 5-6” pass wav_start=[1, 3, 5] and wav_end=[2, 4, 6].

  • Fix the inverted 2 theta axis of the output for data treated using SANSILLParameterScan v1.

  • Added an interface for the simple reduction and exploration of ILL scan data, especially from D16.


  • There can now only be one instance of the GUI open at any time. Selecting the GUI from the Interfaces menu when there is already one open will now re-show the currently open GUI.

  • The invalid Log binning option for 2D reductions has been removed. Loading a TOML user file with this value set will now give a warning.

Release 6.6.0