Reflectometry Changes

New Features

  • ReflectometryISISLoadAndProcess can now take a polarization efficiencies workspace to make polarization corrections. This workspace can be set via the Polarization Efficiencies combo box on the Experiment Settings tab.

  • A new graphical tool has been added to the ISIS Reflectometry interface to allow interactive selection of various regions of interest. It shows an on-the-fly preview showing the effect of the selections on the reduced reflectivity curve. It also adds the ability to select and sum across segments on a 2D detector. See the Reduction Preview documentation for more detail.

The reduction preview tab
  • It is now possible to provide a calibration file on the Instrument Settings tab of the ISIS Reflectometry interface. The calibration step will be applied as part of pre-processing when a reduction is run or previewed. See ReflectometryISISLoadAndProcess for more details.

  • LoadILLReflectometry can now load NeXus files v3 from D17 and FIGARO measurements from cycle 192 onwards.

  • Gravity correction has been implemented for FIGARO data reduction in ReflectometryILLPreProcess and ReflectometryILLConvertToQ.

  • ReflectometryILLAutoProcess now outputs configuration .out file containing a summary of the performed reduction.

  • ReflectometryILLAutoProcess does not have the UseManualScaleFactors boolean property to decide whether to use provided manual scale factors. The redundancy has been removed and now, when the factors are provided, they will be used in Stitch algorithm.

  • default-incident-monitor-spectrum has been corrected for D17 from 257 to 256, allowing for proper monitor normalisation for data from cycle 211 and beyond.

  • It is now possible to save the content of the Search Runs table into a .csv file, allowing the table to be used as a logbook.


  • Settings are no longer cleared on existing batch tabs when adding a new batch for instruments other than INTER.

  • ReflectometryILLSumForeground now properly sums the foreground of the direct beam over the same range as the reflected beam, which fixes observed issues with reflectivity calculation.

  • Live data now only updates with the final IvsQ result, avoiding the axes changing during processing.

  • The live data monitor now continues running when it encounters a transmission run by handling angles of zero.

  • Fixed an issue where Mantid could crash when workspaces were cleared from the ADS after deleting a batch from the ISIS Reflectometry Interface.

  • Stop using the value of the ScaleRHSWorkspace parameter of Stitch1DMany v1 in favour of the IndexOfReference parameter.

Release 6.6.0