Mantid 6.9.1 Release Notes

This is a patch release that corrects some significant issues since version 6.9.0.

The changes are:

  • A fix to stop workbench freezing when plotting data from a workspace which is changing (e.g plotting live data)

  • Removed slit lookup that was specific to OFFSPEC in ReflectometryReductionOneLiveData v1 as it is no longer required and was causing regular crashes when running live data on OFFSPEC.

  • Fixed a bug in Elwin Tab of Data Manipulation Interface where changing integration range with the sliders did not change default integration range.

  • Add sample log values to the live data workspace before the instrument is loaded in ReflectometryReductionOneLiveData v1 to ensure log values are available when setting the detector positions.

  • Fixed a crash when using multiple Indirect or Inelastic interfaces. This crash was present on the Bayes Fitting interface, but could also be replicated elsewhere.


Please cite any usage of Mantid as follows:

  • Mantid 6.9.1: Manipulation and Analysis Toolkit for Instrument Data.; Mantid Project. doi: 10.5286/Software/Mantid6.9.1

  • Arnold, O. et al. Mantid-Data Analysis and Visualization Package for Neutron Scattering and mu-SR Experiments. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 764 (2014): 156-166 doi: 10.1016/j.nima.2014.07.029 (download bibtex)

Changes in this version

  • 37052 Replace draw with draw_idle for some functions

  • 37053 Load instrument after loading sample logs in ReflectometryReductionOneLiveData

  • 37016 Fix sliders not changing integration limits in Elwin tab

  • 36935 Fix regular live data crashes on OFFSPEC

  • 37074 Fix crash on Indirect/Inelastic interfaces.