SANS Changes

New Features

  • Metadata indicating the subtracted workspace and the scale factor is now saved to CanSAS1D and NXCanSAS subtracted output files when a Scaled Background Subtraction has been performed. This information is located in SASprocess.

  • All beam centre settings can now be left uncommented in the TOML file. The appropriate beam centre values will now be selected based on the selected_detector setting from the TOML file or Reduction Mode setting on the GUI.

  • Switching between a custom output file and an automatically-generated one can now be performed using the Enter Custom Filename checkbox on the Sum Runs tab in the ISIS SANS GUI.

  • The SANSTubeCalibration v1 algorithm now takes a filepath to optionally save out the list of calibrated tubes that exceed the CValueThreshold. Additionally, the cvalues workspace in the Workspaces list is now suffixed with the detector name. The algorithm has also been changed to allow a directory to be specified for saving the integrated input workspaces, rather than simply saving to the user’s default Mantid save directory.

  • To improve clarity of metadata, SaveCanSAS1D v2 and SaveNXcanSAS v1 will now save the aperture shape as Unknown if it is not explicitly given in the algorithm parameters.


  • Process metadata has been moved from sasnote to the parent sasprocess when saving using SaveNXcanSAS v1. This allows data analysis tools like SASView to read in this information correctly.

  • The option to save an output file using SaveCanSAS1D v2 has now been disabled if the reduction mode is set to 2D on the Runs Tab. While the algorithm is able to handle 2D data without crashing, the output file it produces is not meaningful.

  • The Runs Tab will now return to its default output options when the reduction mode is switched between 1D and 2D.

  • Background Subtracted (_bgsub) workspaces are now correctly deleted when File is selected as the save location in the ISIS SANS GUI.

  • Fixed a crash when a sample run cannot be found in the Mask tab of the Settings.

  • The Beam Centre Finder’s bank selector has been simplified to remove unneeded checkboxes.

  • When the instrument is set to LARMOR, the Beam Centre Finder’s position labels now indicate that the given values should be in meters (m).

  • Beam shape & size, sample thickness, and detector information is now correctly saved by SaveCanSAS1D v2 and SaveNXcanSAS v1.

Release 6.9.0