Plots Toolbox

This is a new concept in Mantid applications, the plots toolbox will encompass and display all currently open plots much like the workspace toolbox. It has options to hide, delete, or edit the name of each plot. All this can be done using the options buttons on top of the toolbox.


Plots Toolbox Options


The toolbox options give you an easy way to interact with your plots in the workbench. There are options to show, hide or delete the selected figure and you can use the “Export” option to save a figure or figures in several different formats. To make navigating the Plots Toolbox easy you can sort your plots by name, number or most recently active, or use the “Filter Plots” bar to to do a search.

Plots List


On each plot list item there are three buttons: “Show/Hide Figure”, “Edit Figure Name” and “Close Figure”. You can toggle the visibility of a plot using the “Show/Hide Figure” button. The “Edit Plot Name” option allows you to change the name of the figure in the plot list. The “Close Figure” option will delete the figure and remove it from the plot list, you cannot recover the figure after selecting this.