CalculateIqt v1


CalculateIqt dialog.


Calculates I(Q,t) from S(Q,w) and computes the errors using a monte-carlo routine.


Name Direction Type Default Description
InputWorkspace Input MatrixWorkspace Mandatory The name of the sample workspace.
ResolutionWorkspace Input MatrixWorkspace Mandatory The name of the resolution workspace.
EnergyMin Input number -0.5 Minimum energy for fit. Default = -0.5.
EnergyMax Input number 0.5 Maximum energy for fit. Default = 0.5.
EnergyWidth Input number 0.1 Width of energy bins for fit.
NumberOfIterations Input number 100 Number of randomised simulations within error to run.
SeedValue Input number 89631139 Seed the random number generator for monte-carlo error calculation.
OutputWorkspace Output MatrixWorkspace Mandatory The name to use for the output workspace.
CalculateErrors Input boolean True Calculate monte-carlo errors.


This algorithm calculates an I(Q, t) workspace from either a reduced (_red) or S(Q, w) (_sqw) workspace, using a Monte Carlo method for the error calculation.

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C++ header: CalculateIqt.h

C++ source: CalculateIqt.cpp