Direct Geometry Changes


New Features

  • LoadDNSEvent loads data from DNS PSD detector into an EventWorkspace.


  • The default value of monitor peak width multiplier (MonitorPeakWidthInSigmas) has been changed from 3 to 7 in DirectILLCollectData .


  • DirectILLReduction is fixed to handle the AbsoluteUnitsNormalisation option.
  • Updated instrument created by LoadNXSPE is now viewable in instrument 3D view.
  • LoadNXSPE now creates workspaces with the correct detector sizes, which was previously causing aliasing issues in SofQWNormalisedPolygon for small q-bin sizes.



  • The PyChop GUI now has the ability to handle multiple independently phased choppers.



  • The Crystal Field Python interface has two new fitting functions, two_step_fit and two_step_fit_sc, alternating optimization over field parameters and peak parameters. One function is based on the Mantid fitting for both parts, the other uses scipy.optimize.minimize for the field parameters.



  • Enabled the Cut algorithm to work with an Integration method for PSD type workspaces.


  • Fixed a bug that caused empty plot windows and crashes when running scripts generated from plot windows.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the print button from opening the print dialog.
  • Fixed bug that caused duplicated colour bars for slice plots and exceptions for cut plots when running a generated script while the original plot is still open.
  • Fixed bug in script generation for cut plots.
  • Cleaned up File menu for interactive cut plots.
  • Enabled editing for Bragg peaks on cut plots.
  • Prevented an exception when generating script from plot created via script.
  • Added legends for recoil lines and Bragg peaks on slice plots.
  • Fixed a bug that caused exceptions when scaling a workspace.
  • Added an error message when attempting to load a file by path on the data loading tab.
  • Fixed a bug that caused infinitely repeating energy unit conversions when changing the default energy unit.
  • When closing the dialog for adding a Bragg peak from a CIF file without selecting a CIF file, the corresponding menu entry now remains unselected.
  • Updated the misleading cut algorithm names and made a selection of cut algorithms available on cut tab.
  • Fixed Save to Workspace button on cut tabs and renamed it to Save to Workbench to avoid confusion.
  • Prevented non-Mslice plots to be displayed as an MSlice plot, as most buttons and menu items do not work in this case.
  • Added a check for the deprecated hold feature in pyplot.py.

Release 6.3.0