This is a Python binding to the C++ class Mantid::Geometry::Detector.

bases: mantid.geometry.IDetector, mantid.geometry.ObjComponent

class mantid.geometry.Detector
getBoolParameter((Component)self, (str)pname[, (bool)recursive=True]) std_vector_bool
getDescription((Component)self) str :

Return the description of current parameterized component

getDistance((IComponent)self, (IComponent)other) float :

Returns the distance, in metres, between this and the given component

getFullName((IComponent)self) str :

Returns full path name of component

getID((IDetector)self) int :

Returns the detector ID

getIntParameter((Component)self, (str)pname[, (bool)recursive=True]) std_vector_int
getName((IComponent)self) str :

Returns the name of the component

getNumberParameter((Component)self, (str)pname[, (bool)recursive=True]) std_vector_dbl
getParamDescription((Component)self, (str)pname[, (bool)recursive=True]) str
getParamShortDescription((Component)self, (str)pname[, (bool)recursive=True]) str
getParameterNames((Component)self[, (bool)recursive=True]) std_set_str
getParameterType((Component)self, (str)pname[, (bool)recursive=True]) str
getPhi((IDetector)self) float :

Returns the azimuthal angle of this detector

getPos((IComponent)self) V3D :

Returns the absolute position of the component

getPositionParameter((Component)self, (str)pname[, (bool)recursive=True]) std_vector_v3d
getRelativePos((Component)self) V3D
getRelativeRot((IComponent)self) Quat :

Returns the relative rotation as a Quat

getRotation((Component)self) Quat
getRotationParameter((Component)self, (str)pname[, (bool)recursive=True]) std_vector_quat
getShortDescription((Component)self) str :

Return the short description of current parameterized component

getStringParameter((Component)self, (str)pname[, (bool)recursive=True]) std_vector_str
getTwoTheta((IDetector)self, (V3D)observer, (V3D)axis) float :

Calculate the angle between this detector, another component and an axis

hasParameter((Component)self, (str)name[, (bool)recursive=True]) bool
isMasked((Detector)self) bool :

Returns the value of the masked flag. True means ignore this detector

isMonitor((Detector)self) bool :

Returns True if the detector is marked as a monitor in the IDF

setDescription((Component)self, (str)descr) None :

Set component’s description, works only if the component is parameterized component

shape((IObjComponent)self) IObject :

Get the object that represents the physical shape of this component

solidAngle((IDetector)self, (object)observer) float :

Return the solid angle in steradians between this detector and an observer

type((IComponent)self) str :

Returns the type of the component represented as a string