Direct Geometry Changes

New Instruments

  • Added support for the new Panther spectrometer at the ILL.


New Algorithms


  • CylinderAbsorption now has a CylinderAxis property to set the direction of the cylinder axis.

  • Improved support for thin-walled hollow cylinder shapes in MonteCarloAbsorption v1. The points are now generated in cylindrical coordinates to improve performance.


  • The deprecated versions 1 and 2 of GetEiMonDet v3 have been removed. Use version 3 instead.

  • All algorithms and code related to VATES Quantification have been removed.


New features

  • Improvements to the MSlice interface: - Added a Scale and Rebose operations. - Option to copy a script to the clipboard. - Added “keep open” option to figure quick plot options and plot configuration dialog. - Added an option to use Integration to make a cut rather than Rebin2D or SofQW3. - Various bug fixes around CLI.


  • New instrument geometry for CNCS.

  • The GetEiT0atSNS algorithm was improved to handle monitors where TOF is not wrapped to the first frame. It is also improved to handle the situation when monitor peak(s) are close to pump pulses (cannot be too close though).


  • MDNorm now allows completely integrating the energy transfer dimension.



  • directtools.plotSofQW() now supports plotting of transposed and non-transposed workspaces.

  • In PyChop, the sample-size effect calculation was improved to account for the annular shape.

Release 4.1.0