Mantid Workbench Changes


New & Improved Features


  • New preferences can be set in File > Settings > Plots:
    • Tick customisation

    • Enabling grids by default

    • Colorbar scale preference to linear or logarithmic

    • Show (Hide) legend checkbox

  • In Figure options > Curves tab multiple curves can be selected and removed at once. The delete key was added as a shortcut

  • Add an autoscale checkbox to figure options

  • Improved plot generated scripts to better support major and minor tick settings at time of generation

  • Enabled the plotting of individual functions in the fit browser. Plotting of each function can be performed by right clicking on the fit function within the browser and selecting plot

  • 1D Plots from MantidPlot project files can be loaded in Workbench

  • Plots containing axvline and axhline can be successfully reproduced by project save

  • Vertical and horizontal markers on a plot no longer appear in front of the legend

  • Allow plotting a 1D spectrum (plot, overplot, plot_with_error, overplot_with_error) from an IMDHistoWorkspace with only 1 non-integrated dimension (but do not enable SliceViewer)

  • Wireframe plots no longer spill over the axes when their limits are reduced

  • Colorbar limits on colorfill plots allow greater precision and scientific notation

  • The zoom selection box has greater contrast with the image for SliceViewer and colorfill plots



  • The colorbar scale can now be set to Log which differs from the existing Symlog option as it prohibits negative values

  • Replots when the underlying workspace is modified .

  • Improved spectra selection, which should ensure that high counting spectra are shown immediately when opened.

  • Dynamic binning has been enabled for MDHistoWorkspaces with an attached original in the SliceViewer. Manual rebinning options are now also shown.

Sample Logs

  • SampleLogs in multiperiod event workspaces are now filtered by current period

  • Added QLineEdit to SampleLogs widget to allow filtering its entries


  • Migrate Step Scan interface to Workbench

  • Expose Instrument View control to Python

  • Add the possibility to copy and paste shapes in the InstrumentViewer using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V

  • In the InstrumentViewer, the integration scroll bar can be moved, widened and shrunk using the arrow keys

  • Add a Python function to replace the workspace being shown by InstrumentViewer

  • A system to group samples and avoid repetition in DrILL has been added. See the DrILL documentation for more information.

  • In the plot config, multiple curves can be selected and removed at once. The delete key was added as a shortcut.

  • Support for D16 sample scan mode in DrILL.

  • Automatic data export in DrILL. See the DrILL documentation for more information.

  • A bug has been fixed in SliceViewer where attempting to plot a workspace with a text axis would cause a crash when zoomed out.

  • Improved plot generated scripts to better support major and minor tick settings at time of generation.

  • Allowed the use of greater precision and scientific notation when changing the colorbar limits on a colorfill plot from the Figure Options.


  • Added a Dx data tab on the Show Data table when a workspace has Dx data

  • Improved the clarity of error messages generated by algorithms when access to a file is denied due to insufficient user permissions

  • Remove Load and Fit algorithm dialogs from autocompletion



  • Displayed data updates correctly when changing axis selection

  • The axis limits for non-orthogonal data are now calculated to display all data for that zoom level

  • Axes limits of sliceviewer are now updated correctly when orthogonal axes were transposed.

  • Now monitor spectra and spectra with nan or inf values are ignored in determining axes limits

  • Opening SliceViewer for a workspace with a text axis is now handled correctly.

  • Cursor data now work for Direct or Indirect data

  • It is now not possible to zoom in too far on MDE workspaces

  • Only enable SliceViewer for MDEventWorkspaces with 2 or more dimensions

  • Ellipsoid axes of integrated peaks are correctly transformed when axes swapped

  • A number of issues with displaying ellipsoid peak shapes have been fixed

  • For the elliptical shell of integrated peaks, the inner background radius is now correct

  • The background shell of spherical peaks is now plotted if inner radius equals the peak radius

  • The sort order of peaks in the peaks overlay has been corrected

  • Now the correct view is displayed for orthogonal axis indices in non-orthogonal view

  • Displayed peaks update if the underlying PeaksWorkspace has been changed, removed or cleared


  • For ragged workspaces, the data table can be shown, they can be plotted, and colorfill plots have the correct horizontal extent

  • Script generation for bin plots now matches the output bin plot from a data table

  • Show spectrum numbers instead of workspace index in plotBin

  • A bin plot for a workspace with a numerical spectrum axis, the x axis values are from the numerical axis rather than the spectrum numbers

  • A colorfill plot rescales after the underlying workspace is replaced

  • Editing legends in-situ is now also possible on Linux platforms

  • Removing the last curve on a plot is now handled smoothly

  • In figure options the axes title is synced between the axis and curves tabs

  • Error handling for using broken e notation for plot axis limits

  • The error every value in figure options now matches the plotted error bars

  • Deleting rows or columns in a TableWorkspace is handled smoothly

  • The fit button in the fit browser is now disabled when all functions are removed

  • Pressing Esc to close ManageUserDirectories is now handled correctly

  • Fixed a crash when selecting Show Detectors on a workspace with a spectrum which is missing an EFixed and is not a monitor.

Release 6.0.0