Indirect Geometry Changes

New Features

  • A new interface has been created: the Indirect Data Manipulation Interface, from the Indirect Data Analysis interface the Sqw, Moments, and Symmetrise tabs have been moved into the new interface along with Elwin and Iqt from the Indirect Data Analysis interface.

  • Add support for sparse workspace features in the indirect correction interface

  • Loads data from the beam monitor and adds missing environment parameters, reactor power and scan period to the log when loading EMU event files using LoadEMU.

  • Add option for negative reflection to the indrect data manipulation symmetrise tab


  • A bug has been fixed that caused the Elwin tab to not run specific spectra when using the workspace input method


New features


  • a problem has been fixed running MonteCarloAbsorption on an indirect instrument using the Sparse Instrument feature. Detectors that are associated with an inactive analyser in the instrument definition no longer cause an error about retrieving the efixed value

Release 6.6.0