Framework Changes

New Features

  • The approach for inverting large tridiagonal matrices has been improved so that the analytical method can still be used even for large matrices, resulting in a performance improvement. This type of matrix inversion is used when calculating the interpolation errors while performing spline interpolation.

  • HDF5 has been upgraded to v1.12 along with h5py to version 3.


New features

  • To allow files saved with SaveAscii2 to be reloaded into Mantid whilst preserving rebinning behaviour, a Distribution=true flag is now written in the file header if the workspace is a Distribution. In this case, a column header is always written, even if the Save property ColumnHeader is set to false.

  • To load an Ascii file, that was saved without a Distribution header flag, and set it as a Distribution, execute LoadAscii2 with property ForceDistributionTrue=true.

  • Added error calculation to DiscusMultipleScatteringCorrection following a similar approach to MonteCarloAbsorption.

  • The LoadSANS1MLZ algorithm now can be used to load raw files with extension .001 generated by the SANS-1 instrument at MLZ, as well as to load reduced files with extension .002.

  • Added support for removal of instrument information from workspace - see RemoveInstrumentGeometry. This will allow saving smaller nexus files.

  • Removed the MuscatData, MuscatFunc and MuscatSofQW algorithms. The functionality provided by these algorithms is now provided by the DiscusMultipleScatteringCorrection algorithm.

  • Added support for a beam profile (specified in SetBeam) to DiscusMultipleScatteringCorrection.


  • The algorithm GUI for UpdateInstrumentFromFile now accepts .DAT files for the Filename property.

  • Fixed an issue where MDE workspaces were taking a long time to load.

  • Fixed a problem with the ConvolveWorkspaces algorithm when run on input workspaces with different x ranges. The x range of the output workspace was being taken from the resolution workspace instead of the data workspace.

  • Fixed a problem in CreateSampleWorkspace where functions were evaluated at the left hand bin edge instead of the bin centre. The algorithm FindEPP has also been updated with a similar change.

Data Objects


  • Fixed a minor bug in LoadNXSPE that caused an invalid value for PSI when the corresponding entry in the NXSPE file is empty.


New features

  • MantidPython and MantidNotebook have been removed. For help accessing the mantid algorithms and methods in python and jupyter notebooks, check out the instructions in Access Mantid in Python and Notebook.


See Mantid Workbench Changes.

Release 6.6.0