Mantid Workbench Changes

New Features

  • Added button to the figure tool bar which hides the figure (unhidden using the plots tab).

  • Subsampling of data on surface plots is now only performed if the number of rows or columns is greater than 100 (instead of 50).

  • Mantid Workbench is now compatible with matplotlib v3.6.

  • Sample shapes can now be plotted by right-clicking the workspace and selecting Show Sample Shape. This will plot all Sample, Container and Component shapes attached to the workspace, add a black arrow for the beam direction and coloured arrows for the lattice vectors. For more details see 3D Mesh Plots for Sample Shapes.

  • Scripts generated by the Algorithm History Interface now include an import of mantid.simpleapi.

  • Qt has been upgraded to version 5.15.

  • Normalisation (by maximum value) is now available in Superplot.

  • Drop support for ICAT v3.

  • Mouse cursor now changes to a horizontal double arrow when hovering over peak and range markers in the Fit Browser, indicating they can be dragged left and right.

  • A label showing the maximum character limit of the additional context text has been added to the Error Reporter.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented arrays from displaying properly in sample logs.

  • Fixed a bug where the user couldn’t reselect a peak in the Fit Browser after adding another.

  • In the Fit Browser, if a tie is edited to an invalid value, Workbench will now display an error and revert the tie to its previous value.

  • Fixed a bug where the Superplot plot area shrunk on some data.

  • Fixed a bug where data from workspaces accessed from the Fit Browser (i.e the fit parameters) could not be copied.

  • Saving script from history dialog in Linux will now be saved with .py extension.

  • When a file with mantid algorithms is loaded, and the user accepts workbench adding the mantid API import line, the new import is now always added to the top of the file.

  • Fixed a bug where waterfall plots were updated unconditionally during ADS updates.

  • The sensitivity of vertical and horizontal lines on plots, including the peak picker and range selector tools, has been increased.

  • Fixed bug where Load and Rebin showed up twice (upper and lower case) in the algorithms tab search.

  • Fixed a bug where property values were shortened in history.

  • Fixed a bug in the Mean algorithm where an invalid input workspace name would cause Mantid to crash.

  • Fixed a bug where the user could drag the width markers of an unselected peak in the Fit Browser.

  • Fixed inconsistent text sizes when opening multiple script editor tabs on macOS.

  • Fixed a bug with AddSampleLogMultiple where including log types and keeping the parser box ticked would crash Mantid.

  • Fixed a bug where Delta and Elastic function peaks were not connected to the Fit Browser GUI.

  • Fixed a bug where collapsing plots using a splitter handle could result in a crash.

  • Grid lines will now not turn on unexpectedly when changing axis format in a 3-D plot.

  • Fixed bug where plot marker labels became unattached when zooming and panning.

  • When plotting with an exported script, the Show Minor Gridlines checkbox in the Axes tab will be ticked.

  • The toggle grid lines button affecting minor lines has been fixed.

  • Fixed links to tutorials on the About widget which were broken.

  • The tooltips of properties in an algorithm dialog will now provide the full description of a property.

  • Fixed a bug where plots with error bars could not have normalisation turned off.


New features

  • Added an option to the Instrument Viewer display settings to highlight detectors with zero counts.

  • Added the Keep original workspace rebin option on the Pick tab. When ticked, this will ensure the originally loaded data is rebinned, and not the previously rebinned data.

  • Control points on the shapes drawn using the Pick or Draw tab now give cursor feedback.


  • The sensitivity of resizing a masked shape using its corners has been increased for screens with larger resolutions.

  • Fixed a bug where Y histogram data was not being summed correctly when plotting ALF data on the Pick tab in units of ‘Out of Plane angle’.


New features

  • Added HKL values to the image info table in the slice viewer when viewing a workspace with HKL coordinates.

  • Users can now double click on the SliceViewer plot axes to edit their limits more accurately.

  • Added Concise View check box to the SliceViewer Peak View to show a reduced number of columns in the peak table view.

  • Enabled the cut viewer tool in non-orthogonal view.


  • Fixed a bug in SliceViewer where the line plots produced by the ROI tool were not updated if the cursor was released outside the axes.

  • Slice viewer now displays - instead of -DBL_MAX in some energy transfer readings.

  • Fixed a bug causing cut representation to be re-drawn on the sliceviewer colorfill plot on changing viewing axes when non-axis aligned cutting tool was not enabled.

  • Fixed a bug in the SliceViewer where a matplotlib deprecation warning appears when toggling on the nonorthogonal axes.

  • Fixed a bug where the SliceViewer plot would resize by small amounts as the cursor info changed.

Release 6.6.0