Muon Changes

Frequency Domain Analysis

New Features

  • New Maxent Dual Plot option has been added to the plotting. This will show the reconstructed data and the raw data together, along with the frequency domain data.




Muon Analysis

New Features

  • Users can now copy sequential fitting parameters to all other runs using the Copy fit parameters to all checkbox.

Muon Analysis and Frequency Domain Analysis

New Features

  • It is now possible to perform an Automatic or Manual background correction in the new Corrections Tab.

  • Changing runs with autoscale on will update the fitting plots correctly.

  • It is now possible to exclude a single range from a fit range when doing a fit on the Fitting Tab.

  • Added a Covariance Matrix button to the Fitting Tab that can be used to open and inspect the normalised covariance parameters of a fit.


  • It is now possible to do a vertical resize of the plot in Muon Analysis and Frequency Domain Analysis.

  • The plotting has been updated for better stability.

  • The plotting now has autoscale active by default.

  • It is now possible to load nexusV2 files in the GUI.

  • Added a table to store PhaseQuads in the Phase Table tab. Also, Phasequads no longer delete themselves automatically.

  • The labels on the tabs in the GUIs will now show in full.

  • When running the DynamicKobuToyabe fitting function you should now be able to see the BinWidth to 3 decimal places.

  • It is now possible to select the normalisation (analysis_asymmetry_norm) and group (analysis_group) in the Results Tab.


  • The fit ranges will now always allow you to encompass the entire x range of the loaded data.

  • The GUIs will no longer crash if there are any whitespaces in the run range (e.g. 6010- 3).

  • The GUIs will now cope with a range of runs that span between two different decades where the second number in the range is smaller than the final digit of the first number in the range (e.g. 6018-3 can be used for the range 6018-6023).

  • In the Fitting Tab the fit to raw checkbox can no longer be unchecked if no rebinned data is present.

  • A bug has been fixed in the BinWidth for the DynamicKobuToyabe Fitting Function which caused a crash and did not provide any information about why the value was invalid. It will now revert to last viable BinWidth used and explain why.

  • The autoscale option when All is selected will now show the largest and smallest y value for all of the plots.

  • The global parameters in a results table will no longer be given a zero error arbitrarily if one with an error exists.

  • The attribute values in a Chebyshev fitting function will no longer reset after performing a simultaneous fit.

  • Fixed a crash caused by fitting to rebinned PhaseQuad data.

  • When PhaseQuad data is rebinned it now divides by the fractional change in the bin size (to keep the asymmetry to about 0.3).


New Features

  • Added an external plot button to the ALC interface which will plot in workbench the current tab’s plot

  • If the sample log has a unit, it will now be displayed on the axis of the plot.


  • The plots are no longer normalised by bin width


  • A bug has been fixed in ALC interface that caused Mantid to crash when a user changed the PeakPicker in the PeakFitting plot.

  • A bug has been fixed in ALC interface where setting an invalid function would cause a crash.

Elemental Analysis



  • No longer crashes when the input file contains a non-existent element.




  • Fixed a bug in FitGaussianPeaks algorithm in which a peak at the end of range would cause an error due to not enough data point being available to fit parameters.

Release 6.2.0